Carpet Cleaning in San Antonio

Carpet cleaning in San Antonio is a business that requires expertise, a strong working attitude, and the proper equipment. Professionals must be able to handle the most difficult of stains and be able to work on extremely dirty carpets without causing the carpet to turn into a mud stain. The average cleaning time for a carpet cleaning San Antonio business is between one and three hours depending on the severity of the stains. All carpet cleaning San Antonio companies require that the property they are working on is professionally cleaned before Texan Cleaners arrive to begin the cleaning process.

Carpet Cleaning San Antonio Companies

A good cleaning company will have an experienced technician with the proper training and equipment to thoroughly clean your carpet. Some professionals specialize in steam cleaning, while others specialize in dry cleaning. Having a technician that specializes in dry cleaning is advisable because the carpet can be washed in a machine that has a lower amount of moisture while still retaining the same strength and appearance as a carpet that was washed with a high moisture machine.

Once the carpet cleaning San Antonio company has arrived on the property, they will start working by vacuuming the carpet. The worker will then use a disinfectant solution to kill any bacteria or germs. This process may cause some redness or mild odor in the carpet. Then the technician will move to scrub the carpet with cleaners that are specially designed for cleaning carpets. Once all of the stains have been removed the cleaner will rinse the carpet with clean water.

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