Column Guards Pallet Racking Protect Warehouse Columns From Forklift Collisions

Column guards pallet racking protect warehouse columns from damage by forklifts. Collisions between forklifts and warehouse racking are not only costly in terms of product damage, but can also lead to structural failure and collapse of the entire warehouse racking system, putting people and materials at risk. UNARCO offers several warehouse rack protection accessories, including column protectors, end of aisle guards and more to help prevent this type of accident.

What material is used for pallet racking?

Column protectors, which are often called “post protectors” or “aisle-side guards,” are available in both bolt-to-column and anchored to the floor versions and can be ordered to any height. They are designed to deflect impact energy from forklifts, pallet jacks or other powered equipment away from the column and into the concrete floor. They are also highly visible, making them easy for forklift operators to see and avoid. Go here

In addition to column guards, aisle-side guards also protect the ends of aisles from collisions with forklift frames and bending of the pallet rack frame. End-of-aisle protection shields against forklifts running directly into frames at the end of rows where material is staged.

Other types of warehouse rack protection include bollard posts, which are typically placed in the middle of a row to provide added safety for drivers and others working near them. They can be used in conjunction with aisle side or end of row guards, or alone to delineate the area of a protected zone around a conveyor belt or other high-risk equipment.

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