Electric Car Chargers in the UK

Electric car technology is growing at a rapid pace in the United Kingdom with a government backed initiative aiming to increase the number of people taking to driving an electric car. “Government approved Electric Car Chargers UK“, states the official website of the government’s “Feeding Future Wales”. ” Governments aim to encourage more residents and families to drive without fuel”. “Feeding Future Wales” states that the program is “designed to help people and communities improve their overall quality of life by ensuring that we have enough electric power supply to support everything from health and education to entertainment and recreation”. “Government Power to Let” states that electric car chargers will be available for purchase from “a small number of specialist providers who will run the chargers on private charging points”. “Drive Clean” is another government site that offers information on charging points and where to find charging stations.

How to Find Electric Car Chargers in the UK

The UK government is looking for public support to encourage more residents to take to driving an electric vehicle. “Feeding Future Wales” states that the program is “aiming to ensure there are enough charging points across Wales and the UK to meet the requirements of households and individuals”. A further scheme called ” Charge Points” is being introduced to a limited number of locations. This system will require car owners and drivers to agree to a monthly charge point fee. “Government Power to Let” states that the fee will be based on the “average annual mileage of the car, with the highest being awarded only to those who own cars which account for a minimum of 2% of the country’s total annual vehicle movement”.

The “govoy” states that they aim to make “the public transport system more efficient while making driving simpler and easier”. In addition to the “Feeding Future Wales” initiative and ” Charge Point” schemes, the government is also looking into ways of promoting electric vehicles. The “Electric Vehicle Strategy” states that the aim of the scheme is to promote “electricity to all residents of Wales by 2032”. To date, the UK government has not yet made any formal plans for electric vehicle charging stations. In the meantime, electric car chargers can be enjoyed wherever there is an available power outlet.

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