How Does Kartra Pricing Work?

Kartra Pricing is a company based in India that offers a premium silver plan to its subscribers. It works by offering two kinds of plans, the starter and the upgrade. The starter plan is for new subscribers who join the company for a minimum of fourteen days. Once a subscriber joins this plan, he will receive two emails in his inbox, one with information about the company and one with information on how to activate his email account. This is where the starter package comes in.

kartra pricing

How Does Kartra Pricing Work?

subscribers will be sent one email with information about the services they have signed up for, including the features and costs. Then they will receive another email with instructions on how to activate their account. At this point subscribers have to visit the Kartra Pricing website to determine how much bandwidth and storage space they will need to use for their website. This will include how much memory, video hosting, and bandwidth they will be able to use for the purpose of uploading videos. Subscribers will also be able to see the total amount of memory, bandwidth, and storage space they have used so far and will be able to see if they need to upgrade their subscription.


After all the information has been received from the starter phase, subscribers will go to the upgrade page and choose the option they want. If there are no upgrades currently available, then they will be automatically upgraded to the platinum plan at the end of the upgrade period. When the starter and platinum packages come to an end, subscribers will have to make the decision if they want to stay with Kartra or move on to other video hosting companies. The starter plan gives them the opportunity to try out the service for free and determine if it’s what they need for their business.

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