The Benefits of Cleaning Your Floors With Polish

Polish FloorThere are a few simple ways of polishing a concrete floor that will make it look new again. Polished concrete can be protected by a sealer and wax mixture or simply by cleaning with soap and water. It all depends on the condition of your flooring. These are some ways of polishing concrete floors. Some require more work than others.

polish floor


In the first method, we use coarse abrasive material like sandpaper to remove the loose dirt from the concrete floors. This is usually done after we have finished cleaning the floor and staining it. This process is called sanding.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Floors With Polish

The second method is a more advanced technique that involves mixing polish with water and using it to wet the flooring. This is done while the floor is still damp so that the polish will stay longer. Then we wipe the entire floor in order to remove all traces of dirt. This is a very effective way of cleaning your concrete floors because all the stains are wiped out making them impossible to come back. flooring. The polish protects the flooring from scratches and makes it last longer than regular house cleaners. sprinkle the baking soda and club soda onto the floor. Then we allow it to sit for around thirty minutes before we use a cleaning brush to remove the stains. This leaves the floor with a fresh clean smell. The baking soda and tartar neutralize the odors causing the room to have a fresher breath. They also neutralize any acidic foods that may be left on the floor from juice boxes or spilled sodas.


Polishing your floors can be a long process if you do not take the time to plan your work. If you take the time and do it properly you will see that polishing your flooring can be very easy and take very little time at all. You may find that you do not have to polish floor after floor anymore once you get into the habit of doing it.


Many people think that polishing floors will make them fall sick. This is untrue, however, you will not be sick from cleaning your floors. In fact, polishing your floor will keep your skin from getting dry. This will keep you from scratching your skin and your nails creating ugly lines in your nails. Polished floors are far easier to take care of and maintain than the old fashioned method of cleaning with water and vinegar.

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