What Are Process Serving Parties?

Process serving, is the method by which a person, usually a lawyer, to an administrative agency, court, or other court in an attempt to exercise jurisdiction over a person that has not been properly notified as to the service of legal papers. There are many types of Process Serving and the type of Process serving being used may depend on the type of case involved. It is also used when people want to serve another party with legal papers before a final judgment is made or before any settlement is reached in a court case. Process Serving courtrunner.ca.

What Are Process Serving Parties?

Process servers normally deliver their service documents directly to the person that they are notified of. When this method of service is utilized, there is usually a time period in which the person to be served has a specific amount of time in which they have to respond to the serving. Usually this is six months and the papers will then be posted and available for delivery to the person to be served. In many instances when people use this method of service they will sign an acknowledgment that they have been served and a copy of the acknowledgment is provided to the other party. In other instances people may request that a copy of the acknowledgement to be sent in the mail. After the other party has provided their own copy of the acknowledgment the Process Server will file a lawsuit against the parties to the suit that has been served.

In some instances, when there are not parties that are involved in the case there are third parties that are involved that must also be served. For example, if a bank wants to serve a debtor it must do so in the county in which the debtor resides. In most cases there is a county clerk that must be notified in advance of a process serving being performed. If the defendant or plaintiff in the case does not appear in court or pay the required court order then the Process Server will file an answer of service with the court. Usually there is a date limit on when the answer must be filed and the Process Serving Parties are required to abide by this date.

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